CirclePatterns File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
AnglesOptimization.cpp [code]Definitions for the AnglesOptimization class
AnglesOptimization.h [code]Declarations for the AnglesOptimization class
CirclePattern.cpp [code]Definitions for the CirclePattern structure
CirclePattern.h [code]Declarations for the CirclePattern structure
Edge.h [code]Declarations and definitions for the Edge class
EnergyMinimization.cpp [code]Definitions for the EnergyMinimization class
EnergyMinimization.h [code]Declarations for the EnergyMinimization class
Face.h [code]Declarations and definitions for the Face class
Layout.cpp [code]Definitions for the Layout class
Layout.h [code]Declarations for the Layout class
main.cpp [code]The main file
Mesh.cpp [code]Definitions for the Mesh class
Mesh.h [code]Declarations for the Mesh class
util.h [code]File contains various utility functions
Vector3.h [code]Declarations and definitions for the Vector3 class
Vertex.h [code]Declarations and definitions for the Vertex class

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