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This page demonstrates examples of hybrid meshes as described in our paper: ``Hybrid Meshes: Multiresolution using regular and irregular refinement'' (Igor Guskov, Andrei Khodakovsky, Peter Schröder, and Wim Sweldens), Proceedings of SoCG 2002.

Please download the following archive. It contains three models (Stanford Buddha, Feline, and Foot) as well as the viewer (qm.exe) to view the models. Drop model files onto the viewer to start.

WARNING: the viewer is a MS Windows executable. We have tested it on a number of configurations but due to the advanced nature of how we interface with graphics some drivers may not be up to the task. If a user experiences problems we would like to hear about it. (Please mention OS and display driver versions).

Here is a short description of hot keys for the viewer:
UP - get coarser level of details,
DOWN - get finer level of details,
Q - turn on/off any hybrid operations on a given level,

S - surface view
E - surface with edges view
W - wireframe view
H - hidden lines view
P - points view

V - view all
T - toggle timing
F2 - save a mesh in different format

Left buton - rotate
Right (or middle) - translate
Left+Right (or middle) - zoom

The code was written by Igor Guskov and Andrei Khodakovsky. The models are courtesy of Cyberware and Stanford University.