Grading Policies

Grades: Grades will be based on homeworks alone. There will be no mid-term or final exam. Homeworks will be given approximately weekly with (typically) a 1 week turnaround time.

Late Policy: Homeworks handed in late are penalized with 25% off for the first 24 hours late, and 50% off thereafter. Extensions can only be granted by Prof. Schröder and then only in advance. Valid reasons include, for example, health issues or academically related conference travel, among others. In particular, bad planning with regards to projects and homeworks due in other classes does not constitute a valid reason for an extension. All extensions have to be requested and approved well in advance of the respective deadline. We will generally make solutions to the homeworks available after the deadline. Needless to say the honor code implies that anybody handing homework in late does not avail themselves of these solutions. Many homeworks will be cummulative, consequently students are strongly urged to stay within the deadlines, lest they fall behind more and more.

Students are encouraged to discuss homework problems with each other. Any materials handed in must be the sole intellectual work of the person handing them in. For example, it is reasonable to discuss solution strategies for a given problem with classmates. It is not reasonable to share code.

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