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Physical based fluid simulation Creating realistic fluids remains a challenging and interesting problem in computer graphics. Given the ever increasing demand for convincing physical simulations, the intent of this project was to implement a fluid solver based on the semi-Lagrangian method first introduced by Jos Stam in Stable Fluids[1].

Application of the Navier-Stokes equations for creating realistic fluid flows in graphics was first presented by Forster and Metaxes[2], however Stam's contribution is significant as a technique for creating unconditionally stable fluids that donít "blow up". Unlike the solver presented in [3] which computes results based on the Fast Fourier Transform, our implementation uses a sparse linear solver that can function under arbitrary boundary conditions. For completeness we implemented a simple iterative solver directly, just as in [4].

In 2001, Fedkiw, Stam and Jensen published a follow up to extend the algorithm for specific application to realistic smoke [5]. They suggested "vorticity confinement" in which velocity is injected into the system in places most likely to be affected by the numerical dissipation inherent to the implicit semi-Lagrangian integration scheme. In addition they detailed a buoyancy force for economically create a realistic rising smoke field.

The results of this study are illustrated in the Java applet below.

Left click to add smoke.
Right click and drag to add velocity.
Press 'v' to display the velocity field.
Press 'r' to reset the solver.
Use '[' and ']' to select the grid size.
Use '<' and '>' to modify the timestep.

Download: - applet interface for the fluid solver. - fluid solver with vorticity confinement and buoyancy force.


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