3D Photography: News

This page will contain the lastes news about the class. Consult it regularly.

*May 26th, 1997: The homework 7 is posted!!!
*May 14th, 1997: The homework 6 is posted!!!
*May 13th, 1997: Some info on the view alignment homework are posted on the homework page. .
*May 11th, 1997: Check out your results on homework 5. .
*May 7th, 1997: A hint page on the Inventor format and VRML... is posted. Take a look at it.
*May 6th, 1997: Today's class notes are posted on the usual page.
*May 5th, 1997: Some more notes posted on the class notes page.
*May 3rd, 1997:The class notes are updated: new reference to the paper from A.J. Stoddart and J. Hilton, Registration of multiple point sets. In addition, a feature tracker package is available. We created a new page containing your results on homework 4. Check it out!!!
*April 26th, 1997: Homework 4 available online on the homework class page. Start reading it right now!!!
*April 26th, 1997: Notes of april 22nd/24th, 1997 available on the class notes pages.
*April 22nd, 1997: Homework 3 available online on the homework class page.
*April 20th, 1997: Some notes on Gray coding and Structure and motion reconstruction are available on the class notes pages.
*April 16th, 1997: Netscape is installed on Photo3d. Just type netscape.
*April 15th, 1997: I (Jean-Yves) will be giving at the beginning of next lecture (April 18th) a short introduction on how to extract the stripe boundaries on the images you will acquire, and establish correspondence. Please, come to class having already acquired one complete set of stripe images (using the stripe program on photo3d). This will make the lecture a lot more profitable to you. Check the note about stripe posted on the photo3d web page.
*April 15th, 1997: A version of the calibration package that works on Matlab 5. Download the updated Matlab package from the homework page.
*April 14th, 1997: If you run the matlab calibration code in Matlab 5, you will be surprised that intersect.m generates an error! The reason is that this function exists in the new Matlab version. You will have to change its name to intersect2.m for example. A new version of the Matlab package working in Matlab 5 will be soon available on the web, and you'll be able to update your programs. To be announced.
*April 13th, 1997: Check out the photo3d web page. There is some info concerning ways to quickly generate your stripe image. Read it.
*April 11th, 1997: If you use a PC, you may find out that the readras.m matlab function does not work properly. You can download the PC version of the program on the homework page.
*April 11th, 1997: The aperture device is already on the projector. Make sure it is well positioned on it.
*April 11th, 1997: Complete homework assignment 2 on calibration available online!!!
*April 10th, 1997: Next class (tuesday April 15th, 1997) will be held in Moore 070. From now on, all the classes on tuesday will be in Moore 070.

Thursday's classes will still be in Moore 080.