CirclePatterns Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AnglesOptimizationThis class solves the angle optimization problem using quadratic programming
CirclePatternDefines functions that compute quantities relevant to circle pattern energy
EdgeHalf edge for the mesh datastructure
EnergyMinimizationThis class uses MOSEK library to solve non-linear convex minimization problem
FaceFace for the mesh datastructure
Face::EdgeAroundIteratorThe iterator that visits edges, vertices, or faces around the current face in order
LayoutClass that assigns UV coordinates for mesh vertices
MeshImplementation of the half edge datastructure
Mesh::edge_compComparison functions for edge sets
ProgramOptionsStructure to store command line options input by user
Vector3This class defines operations for 3 dimensional vectors
VertexVertex for the mesh datastructure
Vertex::EdgeAroundIteratorThe iterator that visits edges or vertices in one ring of the current face in order

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