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To learn more about subdivision and wavelets check out these Java applets which were written by members of the group, collaborators, and friends.
  • Chaikin's Algorithm: This is probably one of the simplest subdivision schemes around. It is also known as coner cutting and corresponds to a neat way of generating quadratic B-splines.
  • 4 Point Algorithm: This is a simple interpolatory subdivision scheme.
  • Irregular 4 Point Scheme: Igor Guskov wrote this little applet demonstrating that the 4 point scheme remains smooth even in a fully irregular setting.
  • Cascade: Wim Sweldens wrote this neat applet illustrating subdivision for the entire family of 4-tap filter wavelets.
  • Lifting: Michael Astle built an applet together with Dae Kang demonstrating some of the ideas underlying the lifting scheme.
  • Multiresolution, Control-Point-Free Editing: As part of his CS274b project (1996) Dmitri Linde did this wonderful applet demonstrating some multresolution editing ideas in 1D.
  • Bezier Curves and B-splines: Another beautiful applet by Dmitri Linde shows how Bezier curves and B-plines of any order can be generated through subdivision, i.e., repeated knot insertion.

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